15 definitions by jay gee

Anybody who drives a Ford Mustang, especially one who shows it off.
Oh look, here comes Johnny Mustang up on the left.
by jay gee November 28, 2020
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Disrespectful kids who aint doing what they supposed to do
Adult: Johnny, get over here RIGHT NOW!
Johnny: NO!!
Adult: Don't talk to me like that, you little shit!
by jay gee March 2, 2020
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An unemployed person who lives off of others for their own benefit, gets whatever the hell they want and never has to pay a dime for it.
You still got moocha livin' over there? You ought to get rid of that sponge, you know?
by jay gee June 28, 2021
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to describe something as not being easy
yo this calc test aint no hoe
by jay gee April 11, 2006
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An old, {plain}, {unattractive} {car}, {truck}, or any vehicle made before 2000.
Dude that barney mobile looks so ugly!
by jay gee March 2, 2020
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Annual tradition in b-game started by a man named Joey Guden.
Random Person: I'm looking so damn forward to the JG Holiday Spectacular, words can't describe it!
Random Person #2: Yeah it's gon be lit!
by jay gee December 6, 2020
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