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Badass. Better than everyone. To fast for the sex offender list.

Gets a lot of wet dreams every night.
What dreams did you have last night Jeremian???

by JANGO March 18, 2014
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The anditote for n00bs.
Why the hell would you need an example? JUST GO THERE!
by Jango April 20, 2005
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Similar to "hit and run", a "shit and run" refers to when a person ( usually stupid ) insults you with a crappy insult, then runs away before you have a chance to respond.
Idiot: omg u liek suck *runs away*
Me: Shit and runner!
by Jango October 16, 2004
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A person who is born with an innate disadvantage and/or a person with the nickname Zippy and/or a person who likes to put their dick in another man's ass and/or a person who likes Dollar and/or a person who has a higher risk of getting AIDS and most probably will die because of it.
Zippy is a faggot cos he likes Dollar.
by jango December 05, 2003
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