3 definitions by jamesviloria

fear of too many santa clauses
He felt a bout of santaclaustrophobia coming upon him as the holiday season approached.
by jamesviloria July 11, 2008
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used to describe anything that is amazing, first class, first rate.
"Wow, that movie was first place!"
by jamesviloria July 11, 2008
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A competition for the same objective or for superiority in a certain field, and in which the entrants are often two wives who compete with each other regularly. The "Real Housewives" international reality television franchise put a spotlight on numerous celebrity wivalries or by extension housewivalries.
From a net worth perspective, Bethenny Frankel definitely comes out on top in her RHONY wivalry with Kelly Bensimon.
by jamesviloria November 8, 2021
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