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an anus. anal retentive. ass squeezer. perfect narcissist bitch-hole.aka: asshole, poop-chute, george bush, georges mom and poo poo daughter girls.
i wanna billy bob a squeert me ins me republican with his taters-balls sauce.
by jamesofcleveland June 04, 2007

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a. You. You are a jackhole. Yes you. To be sure, stand in front of a mirror stroking your dick while fingering your asshole and keep repeating...I am a jackhole, i am a jackhole. if nothing happens after 5 minutes, you might not be a jackhole, but if white juice sqirts out your penis cap, then yes, you are a jackhole.
b. a person who reads tardo crap like this. aka me. i'm a jackhole and nobody's a bigger jackhole than me.
That fuckin' tardo's penis cap's leaking juice all over my mom's new rug, he's a real fuckin jackhole.
by jamesofcleveland February 16, 2007

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beat a babe in the face or on the ass with your cock as to punish her, or to do it just to excite yourself sexually, just like you always must. you can also call her names during the meat whooping like- you canned corn beyotch, you tinkler spanking taking monkey girl, you spanked fossil fuck, and cunny pee-pee tinky dink-dink smelly twat for me cunt bag beyotch pig girly. also, call her a skank after you shoot your hillaryclintonjuice on her or in one of her three meat package holes.
me so horney, me thinks i'm givin' my three piece squeeze box bitch a meat whooping just so's me can spray me hillaryclintonjuice on her titty nipples. right after i blow one straight up her arse. AArgh!
by jamesofcleveland June 11, 2007

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