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A two-pint-martin is someone who drinks a fair amount of ale and then proceeds to finish the evening off with a two-pronged assault on their already suffering body, i.e. they order two pints and proceed to guzzle them simultaneously (one in each hand.
Tom Martin did this in Budapest, 2005, and made a tit out of himself.
by James Flunder February 02, 2005
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rowe shambo is the greatest game ever invented. when challenged to rowe shambo some one you have to kick your opponent in the balls as hard as you can. it is the first one to go down who loses. of course after the first kick the standard tactic is for the person who gave it to simply conceed the match safe in the knowledge that he can still have kids and just kicked some one in the balls really hard with no consquences
geoff williams and chris kelly played rowe shambo. geoff lost and can no longer have kids. good game all round
by james flunder February 09, 2005
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a pringfold is some one who is some one so addicted to poo squared that they being to try poo cubed and so on untill they reach poo to the power 560,999. at which point they create a black hole instead of their asshole which eventually sucks the person inside themself only to come out the other end as a really smelly poo and thus the circle is complete
geoff williams ate poo to the power 560,999 and was sucked inside himself and came out as a poo. this happened in 1986 and he still lives an ordinary life(aside from the fact he is a poo) he currently studies at nottingham university.
by james flunder January 31, 2005
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a rollmop is some one who has to reaffirm their ability to forget things. if they dont remember to foget then they create a paradox which could indeed destroy humanity.
dane rayment fogot to foget for a while but lucky remembered just in time. the only problem was that this was also a paradox in its self. the only thing which kept existance in existance was the eventual reasoning that with out existance there would be no need for him to remember things anyway because there would be nothing to remember. with this thought in his mind existance as we know it has been able to carry on as normal which dane will never forget to remember to forget
by james flunder February 03, 2005
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while having sex with a girl or boy you shit in your hand cum in their face and then rub the shit on top untill you get a rich brown milkshake stlye mixture, yummy yummy
i was all like eat this bitch and i cum in her face then rubbed shit on it, and i was all like chocolate milkshake any one, fuck u bitch
by james flunder February 09, 2005
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