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Street name for 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, more commonly known as Ecstasy. Called Mitzi's because variants of the tablets were manufactured with a Mitsubishi Logo on them.

Not as dangerous as widely believed as long as you don't abuse it. In 2001 in the UK 56 people died in the UK from estimated 500,000+ tablets consumed each weekend (36 million per anum). Paracetamol caused more than 400 deaths and alcohol related deaths were counted as 5,543. official government figures.
Q: What have you had?
A Two mitzi's and half a gram of coke
by james brown December 09, 2004

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1. The last name of the biggest pimp alive.
Damn that Shosky is a mofuckin pimp daddy! He knows where all tha donkeys at! .....hella donkey
by JAMES BROWN October 01, 2004

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A norwiegen satanic group, like Dimmu Borgir but without the stupid-ass keyboard.
Satyricon are the best!

by James Brown May 19, 2003

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one who only has sex with fat girls
my friend aaron brunson is a fat girl fucker because he only sleeps with fat girls
by james brown January 20, 2005

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Popularized by Miss Lisa Marie. A much weaker version of "fuck you".
I am SO a good tap dancer, skip you!!!
by James Brown August 24, 2003

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pimp,one of a kind,ruler of all , chicagos deadliest
agathon is a badass mother
by james brown September 06, 2003

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A poor smelly lill jewish boy who lives in millville with his dad and Two sisters, I feel bad for him!
Damn!! Whens the last time you took a shower
by james brown April 04, 2003

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