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Keyser Soze is real.
He is a real character. He is not a "filmstar".
There is a Keyser Soze out there everywhere. Who knows who it could be. Me? No.
Think about your job.. why are you doing that job.. would it benefit anyone but your company? You bet you, Keyser Soze. You could be working for him and not even know it. He calls the shots.
Keyser Soze is an effective method of scaring children. Go to sleep or Keyser Soze will get you.
by james brown August 5, 2004
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snoop dogg's version of nigger/nigga/niggah/nigerian
fo shizzle mie nizzle
(for sure my nigger)
by james brown June 25, 2004
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A norwiegen satanic group, like Dimmu Borgir but without the stupid-ass keyboard.
by james brown May 19, 2003
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Top night at clubs in bournemouth & Brighton in the UK and is awesome if your in to that kind of thing. Its an awesome way to start your weekend. Expect the like of Judge Jules, Tidyboys, Lisa Lashes, scot project, BK and more...
Lets go to Slinky at the opera house in bournemouth this friday night.
by james brown January 5, 2005
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Popularized by Miss Lisa Marie. A much weaker version of "fuck you".
I am SO a good tap dancer, skip you!!!
by james brown August 25, 2003
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Street name for 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, more commonly known as Ecstasy. Called Mitzi's because variants of the tablets were manufactured with a Mitsubishi Logo on them.

Not as dangerous as widely believed as long as you don't abuse it. In 2001 in the UK 56 people died in the UK from estimated 500,000+ tablets consumed each weekend (36 million per anum). Paracetamol caused more than 400 deaths and alcohol related deaths were counted as 5,543. official government figures.
Q: What have you had?
A Two mitzi's and half a gram of coke
by james brown December 9, 2004
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