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When a merman or merwoman(mermaid to the lame person) is seen without his or her clam-bra or clam-hammock and they let their half human/half fishy sea junk just flop around as freely as the the day they were hatched.

A slang term derived from the word Naked. But for fish people.
Sumdu: Yo, alonzo, did you see that mermaid's titties be flopping around ever so ViVaciously

Alonzo: You breast believe it. That bitch was straight Merked. You know when a mermaid is like butt naked.

Sumdu: Yo, i ain't never heard that term before, but I am willing to allow it's use solely for the purpose of this joke, as I too am a humorous individual and I know, dat was like dis wet dream I had once.

Alonzo: Ah HAAaa! Speak truth playa, speak truth.
by jEmess February 28, 2010
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