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one who is known for frequently having sexual relations with men she has not met before, does not have any leadership skills, is white with unmanageable negro hair, and is often mistaken for a rat
"man stephanie's such a field mouse."
by iunno January 14, 2008
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the act of being a drunkard, notorious for owning a navy blue shit-mobile, being found blacked out on the side of the road, cranking obnoxious redneck music, and/or failure at repeated attempts of getting with girls that are not interested -- that was officially owned with a rock
"yo, did you hear danny got beat up and ran to the popo's?"
"man, he's got that chris oates complex"
by iunno January 14, 2008
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1. Coolest character in any game.

2. Can also be used to describe someone that is the coolest person.....ever.
1.Guy 1-"D0od I saw Benoldar yesterday!"
Guy 2-"Z0mfg! Luckyz0r!"

2. "That guy is so Benoldarish"
by Iunno April 01, 2007
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