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When your very bored and go to the computer, and you type the keyboard words from top and bottom and top and middle
Ummmm, I’m so bored, oh i know! (Goes to the computer and types qpwoieurtygfhdjskalmznxbcv) oh damn it, there’s the definition on google!
by itsarga June 04, 2018
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the super duper extreme and ultimate sign of boredom. you've tried very much patterns of the computer keyboard. you type it by typing 2 words on the left than 2 words on the right repeating.
Me: ugh..... why they make definitions about these keyboard patterns? its useless.... and look at them.. they are all the same...
Every keyboard pattern definition reads: the extreme sign of boredom.
Me: oh i know! maybe this word doesn't exist on Google... (types qwpoeriutyaslkdfjhgzxmncvb)
Sister: what are you doing?
by itsarga June 06, 2018
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When you want to say f***, but at the same time don't want to.
George: "Did you know that your girlfriend cheated on you?"
by itsarga July 24, 2019
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A way of making your friends jealous of your new AirPods
Random person 1: Oh hey guys.. I got some new AirPods, I can listen to music with GOOD QUALITY now!
Random person 2: Ugh why the fuck are you flexing
by itsarga January 21, 2020
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