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Territorial wars over particular webpages on wikipedia. This happens the most when a moderator feels that a particular page is 'theirs', and they feel they know best what should be on that page. Any moderator who consistently reverts a wikipage because they don't like the data that someone adds (even if it is valid), is fueling a wiki-war.
Dude, that moderator has been waging wiki-war on the global warming page! He reverted all the information I added, for the third time!
by Ismirth May 14, 2007
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When one or more groups of wikinerds engage in battles over the content of an article in wikipedia. The conflict is usually over oposite interpretations of some concept.
The wikiwar raged for months. Neither side was dominant. Finaly, a third party locked the article from further editing. The wikiwar ended...for now.
by Mickey Brown February 08, 2007
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