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Any of the following describes legacy politics.
1. A political system that favors high dollar donors over serving the people.
2. Politicians engaging in backroom deals designed to reap the most credit for any legislation regardless of the legislation's value to the people.
3. Using discussion stopping labels, such as 'racist', 'bigot' & 'misogynist' to "win" arguments.
4. Pandering to voters while doing little for them.
5. A political mindset that has been discredited by electing non-politicians
Speaker Ryan's Health Care Reform failed because he is stuck in legacy politics mode and the smarter politicians aren't playing along.
by imotore March 31, 2017
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A discriminating sac of cellular debris, and necrotic tissue that flourishes on the internet.
A racyst that does not understand that he or she is a racist and will spew uneducated nonsense at any provocation. Used to describe forum posters who exhibit such tendencies.
by imotore July 10, 2006
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1. A person or group of people who blame themselves, their group or their country for the problems and attitudes of other people, groups and/or other countries.

2. Someone or group that attempt to make others feel guilty about something they do, such as driving SUVs, traveling by executive jet, breeding puppies, repossessing homes, charging for health care, etc.
1. Environmental guiltists around the world are trying to impose their "green" philosophy on everyone.

2. Obama took the occasion of his trip to Mexico to blame America for all the gun violence there.

3. In 2002 Mother Jones says of their country that the 9/11 attacks were, "damnable yet understandable payback…rooted in America's own crimes of commission and omission."
by imotore April 28, 2009
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Any person who writes "diaries" for the online community known as The Daily Kos. Plural -Kosians
The Daily Kos has thousands of Kosians contributing to their community.
by imotore May 19, 2015
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1. Money that does not exist, but will be spent or obligated to be spent with the hope that some unknown future person or party will pick up the tab.

2. Money that is expected from unknown or unreliable sources, such as state lotteries.

3. Monopoly money.
1. Congress obligated 787 Billion Hope Dollars to be paid back by future generations.

2. Congress obligated $700 Billion Hope Dollars to be paid to bankers hoping the bankers would not put it in their wallets.

3. Justin hoped he would be able to pay for the an LCD TV he bought on credit.
by imotore March 1, 2009
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From the words "ancient", as in old and "dolt", as in a someone who appears clueless.

A type of story, usually of a personal experience, that is told by an older person to a younger person. The younger person really doesn't want to hear it and believes the story teller is an idiot.
My friend's father is full of his never ending ancientdoltal stories, so I quit going over there.
by imotore March 25, 2010
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n. Any person who believes that feelings outweigh all other considerations, esp. in political speech. Often believes that any facts or evidence presented that may alter his/her feelings must be coming from someone who is one or all of: uneducated, hate filled, mean spirited, superstitious, racists. Uses the term "feels like" or "I feel" when asked for information or a fact.
Rochelle seemed like a classic mushbrain when told the policeman that she feels like the car was blue.

Jeff felt the teacher hated him when he got his grade in English. The teacher said he was a mushbrain, which made him feel better.

Trisha felt like Hilary should have won the primary.
by imotore October 22, 2008
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