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It means like you want to akaterbikaterfur but you don't want to akaterbikaterfur
I really want to akaterbikaterfur.
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by imjustacooldude March 19, 2018

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Pipe Time is the time allocated for sexual intercourse between people.
Yo ngl guys i love Pipe Time
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by imjustacooldude October 04, 2019

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okky dokky is the elite version of ok and can be used in all circumstances ok can be used in but however the user that types this must be aware that you need to be epic to send the message
Guy : Pull on my knob
Girl : The one on the oven?
Guy : Yeah
Girl : okky dokky then you can choke me
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by imjustacooldude October 16, 2019

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Dirty Magnus is when a girl is talking to a boy for month and clearly likes him but then magnus carries on sleeping with other girls. The girl would then perform a blowjob on their dog just to get attention from this boy. He would then perform anal on said girl.
Magnus: Ok i’m gonna stick it in
Girl : I’m ready
Magnus : Ooooooooo
Lila : You’re so Dirty Magnus
i mean Girl?
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by imjustacooldude April 14, 2020

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