5 definitions by imalittlewhore

i can’t say anything more about this person other than they give great head. if you know a liberty ask her for head because i can confirm that it will be excellent
always fuck a liberty
by imalittlewhore November 16, 2020
A bitch. But is funny sometimes. She is a good bitch and an absolute g. If your friends look forward to a good time but she is a risk-taker so be careful with her suggestions on what to do for fun.
by imalittlewhore July 23, 2018
something you will learn in school but you will never fucking use in real life!!!!
Sibilance is surely the most bullshit shit we shall be taught. Seriously wtf!!!!!
by imalittlewhore June 20, 2018
shane: hey whats that thing you say? yerp?
jake paul: its yeet
by imalittlewhore October 12, 2018
A great friend who is always there for you. Be good to her because you are privileged to have her as a friend.
person1: Zunaira is such a great friend.
person2: Yeah i wish i had a friend like her.
by imalittlewhore July 23, 2018