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"Something that is incredible beyond words."

- Keegan-Michael Key
by im.thatoneguy September 25, 2016

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Syn. Caliber and Quality.
This taco is of a very high qualiber.
by im.thatoneguy July 24, 2016

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To blame a non-existent entity for all of your actions or failures.
Example 1)

Jim: "Who is Bob going to making a scapegoat for being 5 weeks behind on the project that he's been ignoring?"

Sarah: "No idea but I'm sure he'll hold the devil accountable."

Example 2)

Bill: "Tiger Woods really held the devil accountable yesterday in his apology."

Ted: "I know it's such a shame that a great athlete like Tiger would be afflicted with a condition as terrible as 'sex addiction'"
by im.thatoneguy June 20, 2010

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