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A crossover between the emo and scene kids subcultures. In recent days, scemos have been identifiable mainly by their music taste, which consists mainly of MCR, Fall Out Boy, and Panic!at The Disco (though bands like Mindless Self Indulgence, Jimmy Eat World, All Time Low, Pierce the Veil, etc. are also popular, and some are even fans of Twenty One Pilots and the like), 2000s fashion and hairstyles (usually long, ironed, and colourful), and an aesthetic inspired by MySpace graphics and glittery gifs. They often post under tags like #emocore or #scenecore

While at their peak in mid-to-late 2000s the two subcultures often competed for popularity and recognition, making any overlap rare, in recent times emo kids and scene kids have almost completely merged in order to avoid extinction, and the scemo label has become a staple of 2000s revival movements. See also: rawring 20s
I like both emo and scene music and aesthetics, I guess I'd call myself a scemo
by idksogtfo May 17, 2020
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Uselessly large amount of jewellery and/or other items of higher marginal utility worn or displayed by an individual. Commonly refers to necklaces (of gold), watches, rings, earrings or decorations on clothes or items (smartphone case decorated with diamonds, etcetera) but it may also refer to expensive clothing of a prestigious brand or other, unspecified, things. Generally considered "cool" among common cityfolk.

According to Carl Jung's mental processes theory, the process that seeks bling the most is Extroverted Sensing.
Dumbfuck: "Look at all that bling! So fucking cool!"
Smartass intellectual: "Oh no, another simpleton..."
by idksogtfo June 28, 2017
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A term most often used to mock people who try to present their incompetence as a part of a greater strategy or mind game (which may exist, but usually does not).

A less ironic sense of the word is often used to refer to fictional storylines where characters come to power through intrigue, manipulation, and/or gaslighting, often mocking them if this plot device is used in a very over-the-top, unrealistic way. The rise of Palpatine is one of the most prominent examples, since manufacturing a civil war along with decades of political tension through several secret identities, four generations of brainwashed agents, and a mentally stunted alien senator is far from realism
"I don't get why everyone thinks he's playing some kind of 4D chess. He's clearly just spouting nonsense."

"I love the action scenes in prequels, but Palpatine's 4D chess kinda ruins the immersion."
by idksogtfo July 23, 2020
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A website used mostly by emos aged 30+ to gatekeep their favourite genre, mainly by excluding any band formed after 1999 and any band that has ever achieved any degree of relevance
"My Chemical Romance isn't real emo, just look at fourfa"

"You mean the website that would call Cap'n Jazz posers if anyone actually knew they existed?"
by idksogtfo May 23, 2020
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