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connecting fans with their favorite artists
i always have a great time at iHeartRadio events!
by iHeartRadio August 15, 2018
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Known to be an incredible actor, sometimes writes jingles. Is quite tall , quite dumb. Addicted to responding to people on instagram. Hobbies include travelling to new york to go to apple jacks. Loves eggs benedict. Known to wear black clothing to hide lack of gym going.

When i have the time to write songs inbetween my insane acting schedule - i write them. Im not actually an actor.

My sound is acoustic, i try to things very raw and organic. When a song comes i literally cant do anything until i finish it - ill spend maybe 2 weeks obsessing over it until its finished. And hope it turns out well.

My favorite cartoon would have to have been the simpsons.
That is song is very dean lewis. Meaning incredibly sad.
by iHeartRadio August 15, 2018
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Pretty optimistic guys from Pittsburgh that are pretty chill that floss regularly and thrift heavily for random things such as harnesses and fish net jumpsuits. Rarely found without positive energy and plant-based dietary restrictions. Some times found in the Hamptons. Legalize weed everywhere.
Dang...that Social House song is stuck in my head!
by iHeartRadio August 15, 2018
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hip hop trap song with distorted 808s and hi hats obv featuring lil face tattoo
it's about pre gaming with your friends before you go in
getting litties with tinnies end up in the binnies

nina on guitar
logan rap

jake ad libs

josyln harmonies


written by:
Jocelyn alice
Nina Nesbitt
by iHeartRadio August 15, 2018
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PUBLIC is comprised of three secret agent children, groomed to live their lives as a pop-rock band...undercover ;(
Agent #1: I'm John. I'm simply defined as the phantom of the opera in jeans.
Agent #2: I'm Ben. And I'm actually just threee ducks, glued together. Also in jeans.
Agent #3: I'm Matt, and I like to draw myself shopping (for jeans).
I'm glad my children didn't end up being a PUBLIC.
by iHeartRadio August 15, 2018
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