A Pan-American ad network also known as Clear Channel. Occasionally plays mediocre music.

They own pretty much all radio stations everywhere, and all of them play ads at once.

They have bought out most of the formerly independent radio stations in the USA, replaced their listeners' favorite hosts and programming, the stations' very heart and soul, with bland, generic, homogenized content and irrelevant simulcast programming.

They have directly contributed to the decline of FM radio in the United States, dramatically decreased its overall quality and are functionally a monopoly in multiple regions.

I sincerely hope they go bankrupt.

Fig. 1 A man desperately searching for music during a commercial break on Clear Channel turf.
Man, their quality really went downhill since iheartradio bought them.
by Xxyz260 September 13, 2021
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connecting fans with their favorite artists
i always have a great time at iHeartRadio events!
by iHeartRadio August 15, 2018
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