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when a person is extremely turned on.
a female's vagina becomes wet and she has the urge to hump someone/something. a male's penis becomes erect. meaning he gets a "boner" or a stiff penis that is longer and larger than usual.
this (true) story will make you horny:
it was the middle of July. i had the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. she was bout 5.3" with huge tits a nice ass, and the most wonderful pussie in the world. her name was karen. she was blonde and sexy and she knew it. one day i went over her house cause i was mad horny. she wanted it bad. we made out for a while, then she grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. she was rich and owned alotta property. we went outside and she began to take of her clothes. first her shirt, then her miniskirt. then she came to me (in her sexy lace bra and a thong) and violently stuck her hand down my pants. "karen.." i said with pure pleasure as she gave me the best handjob i've ever had. "yes?" she said in a sexy voice. she pulled down my pants and boxers, and removed her thong. i quickly ripped my shirtt off. then, she did the sexiest thing i've ever seen. she bent ovver (still facing me) and i saw so much clevege. i was in heaven. then she said "get ova her, studd" and i happily went over. she kneeled on the ground and put my 9 inch cock in her mouth. while she was sucking, she quickly unclipped her bra. my jaw dropped. her tits were HUGE. no joke, they were bigger than pam andersons. she stood up and let me feel her up. then we started making out again. while we were making out and i was feeling her up i slipped my dick into her dripping wet pussie. she wrapped one leg around me and started backing up. before i kne it, we were fucking in her huge pool. i liked it. her boobs were huge and jiggled as she humped me under water. outta nowhere she stood up and started getting out of the water. i said "aww babe, you wanna stop already?" she replied "hell no, get over here" by then she was laying on a loungechair with her legs spread. i moved the fastest i c ould and hoped ontop of her. i fucked her in the pussie for like 20 minutess. it was amazing. then she flipped me over so she was on top and she was facing up. i fucked her in the ass while reaching my arms around to feel here tits. she was moaning. it was so great. after a while we ent on her trampoline and fucked on there. that was the best. then she told me to sit down, i did as i was told. while we were still on the trampoline, me sitiing, her standing, she started jumping. her titties were gorgeous. they bounced so hot. and my dick had the BIGGEST BONER EVER. then she came over to me, she put one leg over my shoulder, then the other. her pussie was in my face. i gladly ate her out. she was delicious. after we fell asleep together, naked, and when we woke up i stared at her boobs for about an hour while she tanned....naked.
by hungry for pussie April 16, 2008

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