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Also known as cement shoes. Used for weighting a dead body under water.
Hez gunna be wearin some shobricks fosho
by hugedongus September 23, 2019

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The day you have to move hotels in order to come back the next day to stay another 28 days, when you are living in a hotel. You must be gone 24 hours to not establish residency and to give them the change to really clean all the shit out of your toilet.
Craig, I see you are packing all your belongings in your car...is this your Skip Day? If it's your Skip Day, i will see you tomorrow, maybe you get the same room.
by hugedongus November 25, 2019

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How President Trump just Fucked the world with his lies about the COVID-19 and is killing people world-wide.
Well we just got TrumpsterFucked.
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by hugedongus April 04, 2020

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When you buy a belt 12 inches too long with the purpose of letting it hang out in front like you dick hanging out. They see it out of the corner of the eye and get a double take. 8=============> -----
I was waiting for the train at the metro and had girls from the left and the right, side-eying my long belt to see if they wanted to hook-up.
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by hugedongus December 08, 2019

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When your dick is slick from her saliva as she is giving you a bummer.
That bitch just gave me a slickdick, all spitting on my balls and shit.
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by hugedongus December 16, 2019

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