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a Schweizer is German for "a person from Switzerland" - (not from Sweden) Switzerland is a country in the middle of europe next to Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein an Austria (and NOT Australia).

A dialog with Guys from America or other countries is mostly this:
A: I'm swiss
B: Oh, You're from Sweden!
A: No, I'm from Switzerland, that's in the center of europe, next to Germany, France, Italy and Austria.
B: What?!? Switzerland is next to Australia?
A: éh... okay. Yes. *rolleyes*

Okay. I hope some people are more clever. But that's classic. Okay, and a little overdone. But...
Ich bin Schweizer
(I'm suisse.)
by hpsk April 26, 2010

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It's a word that a lot of German people say. But Swiss People can't hear that.

Please say in Future "Zürcher".

Statement for not-german guys:
a "zürcher" - or logical in High-German "Züricher"... - is a people who live or come from Zurich in Switzerland.
Swiss German: Ich bin än Zürcher.
High-German: Ich bin ein Zürcher.

Or "normally" in High-German:
Ich bin ein Züricher.
by hpsk April 26, 2010

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Swiss Colloquial language, other possibiltys in write:

German: Hecklader
English (Sense): Rear-Loader

a gay
Sonen Heckladr
(So ein Hecklader, What a Rear-Loader)
by hpsk April 30, 2010

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Swiss German Chat abbreviation:
wms? ="wa machsch so?"

German: "Was machst du so?

more short: "wm?" = "wa machsch?"

wms ist more friendly or more pleasant than wm.
English: "What are you doing?"
wms? = wa machsch so?

wm? = wa machsch?
by hpsk April 26, 2010

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