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someone who smokes a bowl and leaves you with all the ash
(raja passes michael the pipe)
michael: hey man, this bowl's done
raja: oh shit, i'll pack another
michael:, thanks, ashhole...
alex: what an ashhole!
by how_to_make_pickles January 19, 2010

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what happens to you when the store doors open on black friday at 4am. a combination of the words "trampled", "stampede", and "torpedoed".
i went shopping for vintage socks at ross this morning, but i got trampedoed before i could make it past the cashiers. -cyrus
by how_to_make_pickles November 25, 2010

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the way you hesitantly start a sentence when someone asks or tells you something awkward you don't want to answer. sounds like "well, uhh..."
A: "what the fuck, why didn't you invite me to see toy story 3 with everyone?"
B: "welluh... i guess it just wasn't in the cards."

susie: "larry, can you go help jeff put his pants on? he needs help."
larry: "welluh... you wanna try first?"
by how_to_make_pickles July 05, 2010

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