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The offspring of a musclebound mountain goat who had the misfortune of being raped by a monkey.
i.e. shoot that fucking monkey its molesting my goats.
by housboggy November 05, 2003
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The art of slipping through bogs at night time under the influence of tableteys. Apprentice slipers normally wear snorkles but as the bog artist becomes more experienced the need for a snorkle lessens as they grow bog lungs.
He has gained a first class degree in slipage. nipe nipe nipe.
by Housboggy October 22, 2003
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A mythical place in the south of ireland covered in bogs and swamps home of the bogus trottus. The locals say that the bogus trottus can be seen slipping about the bogs at night time . Never approach a BT (Bogus trottus) because they drink buckfast until the early hours making them hyperactive and violent.A nother native of west cork is the (muckus flipeus) a human version of the bogus trottus. This is a very dangerous species of the BT . They have aqquired the slipping and trotting skills of BTs but have brain damage due to the MDMA chemical found in their food (BOG SHRUBS). Making the muckus flipeus a highly dangerous individual.
Q...Is that a muckus flipeus or a bogus trottus i see over there in West Cork. ???

ans .. I dont know but stay away from it because its covered in muck and throwing spuds at them sheep.Lets go back to east cork where it is safer for us .
by housboggy November 05, 2003
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