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a road near ucc where kids go out to smoke
"yo, that nigga be chillin an illin like a villain on frybrook!"
by horkypoo December 21, 2003

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a math course in the IB program, described by David Matthews as "math for those who normally would not take math", described by most students as "the greatest course ever! prrrrrrrrrrrrat!"
"nigga this math portfolio and calculus shit is hard!"
"stupid ass nigga, you should have taken Math Studies!"

"whoaaaaaa StudieS!"
by horkypoo December 21, 2003

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originally a very sparingly used phrase exclaiming a girl's hotness, and ones want to engage in sexual intercourse with her, it's recent use as an example of an innappropriate statement has led to the wide use of "bang that shit" as a random exclamation, when one has nothing better to say
1. "Damn, that girl is fine!"
"Bang that shit!"
"what! I ain't heard any nigga say dat since pre school!"

2. "Yo man, OutKast's new album is sick!"
"Bang that shit!"
by horkypoo December 21, 2003

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the sound made by heavy breathing during breathing exercises for Blood Brothers the musical, usually preceded by shhhhhhhhhhht
jane: breathe in!
pratinum club: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht
jane: breath out!
by horkypoo February 25, 2004

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a noun, meaning one who is so tied up in the game that he has come to needlessly hate on the playa

otherwise known as a sucka , busta , or a wanksta
that nigga say i got no skillz? that nigga is just playahatin on my shit!
by horkypoo December 17, 2003

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according to the latest issue of VIBE magazine, this is how Ja-Rule keeps it with white bread at his "Clap Back" video shoot.
Ja Rule keeps it gully with white bread at his "Clap Back" video shoot
by horkypoo January 06, 2004

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