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1.Doing something utterly awesome that regardless of what is occurring people stop and applaud you........ later on to quote or a short dramatizlation of what took place.

2. Being just shear amazing all the time with little effort.

3. a person named Aremis is usually unique, very attractive, has an high iq. may also be known as a hipster and a nerd for there unique qualities. also has a large obession with a particular type of clothing ex: " <3 hoodies) "
that was just an a Aremis
by hoodienerd April 27, 2011

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1. a woman or girl whom undisputely berates a young man or young lady with her ways. whom proceeds throught life being the exact equal to a pimple on your ass because she is so uncomfortable to be around or have near you.
guy: " hey i call dibs on the last arizona "

girl: opens fridge takes arizona opens it " ahhhhhhh"

guy: "just called dibs!!!!!" " man you a trifiling woman"
by hoodienerd April 27, 2011

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