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1.Doing something utterly awesome that regardless of what is occurring people stop and applaud you........ later on to quote or a short dramatizlation of what took place.

2. Being just shear amazing all the time with little effort.

3. a person named Aremis is usually unique, very attractive, has an high iq. may also be known as a hipster and a nerd for there unique qualities. also has a large obession with a particular type of clothing ex: " <3 hoodies) "
that was just an a Aremis
by hoodienerd April 27, 2011
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Aremi is someone who is very smart and worries about getting good grades.The type to get stressed bc life..she is cool,nice,worries about people she cares about.Hates bullies and fake hoes.Loves bts,kim taehyung is her oppa
Aremi 's oppa is kim taehyng
by Laamas May 15, 2018
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