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When a person is so delicious, that even though they are a slag, you still find them in your mind doing the nastiest sexual things to you. Usually best to double bag if you find yourself in this situation.
Eamo is just down right a dirty slag, but i still would!
You mean they're slagalicious?
eh, yeah, i suppose so…
by hipityhopity January 16, 2014
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As in reference to a girl wearing a pair of tights for a long period of time.

The phenomenon of intense heat that can build up in a tent under hot conditions can exponentially increase certain smells. As can happen when wearing nylon tights/stockings this phenomenon can occur.

also due to when camping showers and personal hygiene are less of common practice and can cause said condition.
oh my god, Steph has a bad case of camping fanny after that 14 hour shift.
by hipityhopity October 5, 2013
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a term used, when stating something very simple or that needs very little explanation is still not understood. an act of explaining it with pictures and diagrams drawn with crayons like you would do when teaching a child.
person 1 no i don't want to go out, i can't afford it and i'll will want to get absolutely smashed and it's my mums birthday tomorrow..
Person 2 "so? why? what's the problem?
Person 1 "right hold on till i grab my crayons and explain this to you in a way you will understand"
by hipityhopity October 12, 2013
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When a blowjob produces a copious amount of saliva.
"shit lads, i had this amazing sloppy blowjob last night, there was buckets of spit involved"
by hipityhopity October 5, 2013
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