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noun- the lowest of the low, racist scum who gets credit for being the first "black" president to do something positive, but when does something negative, race is strangely not mentioned. plays the "America owes me because im black" card. liar, mentioning false "hope and change" thinks everyone should be able to depend on handouts from working people

someone who has ties to bad people, such as racist pastors, terrorists, that sort of thing.

Bill "im so glad barrack obama got elected! now i dont have to work to pay for insurance or anything! The lazy inheirit the earth!"

Bob "thanks alot lazy fuck, i assume you agreed with Stalin and Kim Jong Il as well?"

Bill "who are they?"
by hiphopanonymousanonymous December 12, 2009

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noun: One of many of Savior Obamas many dumb fuck ideas. then again going to a druggy liberal college makes drugs seem good. we really are fucked til 2012, if he hasnt appointed himself dictator by then
Stoner: "You hear about Obama's 4:20 Stimulus Plan?"

Bill : "Yeah, what a dumb shit idea. just goes to show what a fucking moron druggy President we have. Lets all just "hope" that this will change in 2012
by hiphopanonymousanonymous December 12, 2009

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noun - a person who thinks that somehow, everyone can be on welfare and that its not their problem to worry about where the money comes from, because its not like they have jobs. seem to believe that history is either wrong or doesnt exist

adjective- empty headed, lazy, racist
majority act like spoiled little bratty girls who think the world is there to serve them
noun -

Bill "Did you know global warming is destroying our planet and hunters are killing thousands of species sforever?"

Bob "What are you, some kind of liberal idiot that believes everything Al Gore writes? Open a fucking history book"
by hiphopanonymousanonymous December 12, 2009

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