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The Supernatural Fandom is a group of majestic unicorns, rainbow slinky worshipers, and are possible the only people on the planet who look forward to seeing Lucifer every Thursday night.
Besides the ongoing fights been ships, they are a very close fandom and can all come together when need be. They all love eachother and all obsess over moose, rainbow slinkies, and pretty much every person in the show.
They are a very strong mighty fandom, every poll involving one of their actors is most likely going to be won.
There is also much homosexual subtext.
Normal Person: fire fighters? oh they be saving people-
Supernatural fandom: hunting things, the Family Business.
NP: what
SPN fan: what
by mishalecki February 20, 2012
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Yes, it's a fandom of weirdoes that think that Lucifer is adorable and know how to exorcize demons by heart. Yes, people fight over ships and characters. But, it's a fandom that will always be there for each other. It's a fandom that with support you when you need it, when you're in a dark place. And it's awesome.
The Supernatural fandom has the best, most caring fans.
by mee671960 March 13, 2019
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