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All things nasty, a large copilation of obscene, tacky or annoying people, elements or situations.
by hg September 13, 2003
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A guy who has a very fine gooch. (I should know ;) )

He writes some very fine poetry.

He also has something for emo girls.

And has legions of fangirls
Soy: SUCK MY GOOCH!!!!1111 NOW!!!1
by hg January 3, 2005
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Surenos, mexicans claiming SUR 13 this is what chapetes often call them to anger them. saying that they are " sewer rats"
Look at that sur rata, lets go before he beats are ass.
by hg August 1, 2003
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a 1.8l DOHC VTEC powered vehicle that smokes mustang gt like nuthin .....hollla especially mine wit it's 358hp , thanks to the greddy turbo and other goodies
Look Billy Bob I reckin that import just smoked us.
by hg August 1, 2003
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abbreviated to WTH, which is a derivation from WTF (what the fnck) which came into being when it was discovered that Kate from Kate's Playground has one foot and one cloven hoof.

Used in much the same way as WTF, but more specifically when you see something weird/unexpected.
Guy1: Kate from Kate's Playground is hawt
Guy2: Look at this picture of her foot
All: keekles
by hg January 27, 2005
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Usually a white guy who doesn't know why he is still alive.
stop being such a William.
by hg March 6, 2019
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