1. the mark of Satan
2. a symbol of disgrace or infamy
"And be sure to massage his cloven hoof!"
(from 'Two Weeks Notice')
by emilymc124 April 24, 2006
A particularly large, unruly, malodorous, and sinister looking vagina, often known to elicit strong feelings of fear and dread in unsuspecting sexual partners.
Upon finally seeing her cloven stink hoof after six long months of taking it slow, Satan wept.
by hansoloist23 June 16, 2008
It is similar to a camel toe. Looks like a triangle where the shape of the vagina is. More noticeable in leggings and tight cotton pants.
“Wow look at her cloven hoof..”

“That cloven hoof is long
by Clovenhoofmaster July 28, 2018