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When you are attracted to an ugly person because of raging hormones. Otherwise you would never look twice at them, but now you want them.
Person 1: He is SO sexy!
Person 2: are you crazy? look at him again..
person 1: oh no, it must have been hormone goggles.
by heartx3jess February 18, 2009

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What would your mom do?
person 1: dude, that girl wants to hook up with me. Should i do it?
person 2: wwymd?
by heartx3jess May 09, 2009

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When you've been playing the game Snood for hours and you just want the game to end but you don't want to lose your score. Instead of clicking out of the game you lose on purpose, thus committing snoodicide.
"oh man, i've been playing Snood for 6 hours straight now. I've doubled my high school. Screw this, im committing snoodicide"
by heartx3jess April 04, 2009

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A chick flick for old ladies.
A: Did you see that movie Calendar Girls?
B: Hell no, that's such a hen flick.
by heartx3jess July 23, 2010

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