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Comes from the musical instument (Drums) played by the member of a band, usually sits at the back of the stage. Without this godlike creature there would be no rythem to the music and havoc would incurr.

Plays with the precise action that only a master craftsman can obtain. Thats right, with sticks. Only people with the right personality combination can become a drummer. That person blessed will also probably have to owm some sort of 'kit' to play with. And although guitarists are cool, there're one-hundred a penny. Sadly.
Dom Howard is drummer. He's lovely.
by Han April 01, 2005

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Bespectacled hotness.
Speccy + Sexy = Spexy
You're looking mighty spexy today Dan
by Han March 08, 2005

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a boring dutch character
someone full of fantasy,pretending to be top of the world
by han February 14, 2004

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a mental guy, totaly random!, compltely man but hes pj who can blame him lol and can be so irritatin bt hes still a fab friend!
pj:hi hun aw ur so cute
han:nooo im not cute ur evil :P
by han January 26, 2005

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A hideously ugly creature that has a mane of mangy red hair and thinks it's the smartest thing ever.
"Oh, god not chewy!"
by Han March 21, 2005

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University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss. Its even on Tshirts. Under the same umbrella, Harvard is the Ole Miss of the north.
Welcome to Ole Miss, the Harvard of the South.
by Han December 09, 2004

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