7 definitions by hackerrazzi

pre-google, before google.
pre-google earth era
pre-Google Earth and post-Google Earth era
pre-google earth era
post-Google Earth era
by hackerrazzi January 24, 2012
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oilfront, the new waterfront property around the gulf of mexico
since my property became oilfront it has lost most of its valve.
by hackerrazzi June 30, 2010
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to hack a celebrity's email, phone , computer, email or other electronics to mine private info.
Once he cracked the password,( hackerrazzi ) officials charged, he hit a gold mine, gaining access to the stars’ address books as well as any photos and other files saved in their email accounts.
by hackerrazzi October 12, 2011
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a man having sex with a another man and a woman. the woman is fucking the man dog style and the other man is on the bottom licking pussy and sucking dick
cathy bewitched clay and i last night
by hackerrazzi December 11, 2007
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