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A pristine and fragrant vagina that resembles a halved and pitted peach in its texture, taste and fragrance.
I sure likes me a spoon of peach cobbler after dinner.
by Gunt January 05, 2003
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An unclean vagina. (derived from the combination of the joke: "Why don't you eat out your girlfriend in the Morning? Ever open up a grilled cheese sandwich?" and the famous fish-vagina connection)
I'm sorry baby, but I don't like this tunamelt, do you have peach cobbler instead?
by Gunt January 05, 2003
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A skinny-ass, whiny mouthed, cum-swallowing biznatch, with an addiction to fisting his own asshole.
"What the fuck Gumby, pass the fucking ball, stop ruining our entire fucking rugby team!"
by Gunt October 17, 2004
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the activity of defecation (from greasy grunt)
I gotta go take a greaser. Did you hear my greaser?
by gunt January 08, 2003
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