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Anything that takes you out of a book, film or tv show by exposing the creative process.

In old movies where you could literally see the string holding people up, you would be taken out of the film because you could see the method of creating the effect, and be reminded you were watching a movie. Examples could also include speech making in books and films, where the characters are spouting the writer's philosophy, or going into expositional dialogue.
That speech just ruined it for me; I could see the strings.

That lazy coincidence took me out of the story completely - I hate it when I can see the strings.
by gumbo23 February 05, 2014

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A voice over that turns out to be too quiet. Particularly relevant to a translated voice over that is quieter than the dialogue being translated.
What? What's he saying? Man, shoot the sound engineer, he turned out a voice under.
by gumbo23 July 27, 2013

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A confluence of horrendous disasters befalling one or more people in a short space of time.
A: How you doing?
B: Man, I've been Jap-slapped! Wife left me, took the kids, someone keyed my car and I got diagnosed with pneumonia! WTF?
by gumbo23 March 16, 2011

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