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a gay african male. usually likes wearing flamboyant clothing, particularly shirts. A high percentage of gayfricans originate in central and western african countries such as nigeria or the congo.
'Semui looks very gay in that shirt, he must be a gayfrican'
by gribbler June 04, 2005
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SIBO - Sexually Inappropriate Behaviour Order. Refers to the type of person or persons we all know who acts in a sexually innappropriate manner towards others. Like an ASBO (see ASBO definition) but slapped on people who make a nuisance of themselves by grabbing bums, tits etc. Can also be handed out for spreading ludicrous gossip of a sexual nature
e.g. 1 'Sadie, im slapping another SIBO on you cos you keep on stroking my thigh and im trying to eat this curry!'

e.g. 2 'i heard that Danny got very comfy with Semui's trouser sanke last night in the toilets of the social club'
by Gribbler June 03, 2005
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mormon = really fucking hard to be a best man to one
''bloody hell1 i have to give a speach and all 200 of em are stone cold sober, shit!''
by gribbler June 30, 2005
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