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A person (man or woman) who sucks cock.
Derik's a meat eater.
by gordon shumway May 23, 2005

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Killer Fuckin' Chicken
I got KFC once and I swear to god the chips had so much fat in them i saw a bubble rise from the bottom of one to the top. It WILL kill you.
by gordon shumway June 03, 2005

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the act of wasting time
stop fuck arsing around jim and give me a hand to lift this piano
by gordon shumway May 12, 2005

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The most ferocious peenopod of the Cretaceous period (144-65 Million years ago). Notorius Meat Eater, fed almost exclusivly on the genitalia of other dinosaurs. Able to devour even the largest penis the world has ever seen - the 80ft penis of giant herbivor Dipshitticus.
Capable of killing its pray in one swift blow...
Cock'n'ballus Rex "RAAAAAAA!!!"
Dinner "Bloody hell"
by gordon shumway May 23, 2005

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