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One of the most pretentious words known to man.

It means “further,” “also,” “too,” or even “furthermore.”
Frank: yo, you goin’ to the store later?
Ronald: I do indeed intend to grace the local mercantile establishment with my presence, Franklin. Moreover, I shall observe the wares which they purvey and select several of them based upon my preferences.
Frank: ...’aight
by gorby December 8, 2019
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a game which that involves masturbating in a group (circle jerk) over a cookie. The first person to blast jizz onto the cookie wins. The last person to blow their load eats the cookie, hence, soft cookie.
You lost faggot now eat that damn cookie.

Dude you better stroke harder or you will be eating that soft cookie.

Damn DK, you sure gobbled that soft cookie down.
by gorby February 12, 2005
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My next door neighbour burnt the bbq sausage.
Hey beatrice you burnt ma sausage ya pie
by gorby March 20, 2004
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A word describing the amount of skill a person has at the game of shuffleboard
This guys got Dink. (after he makes a shot)
by gorby March 21, 2005
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