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A black person's soul trapped in a white person's body, not to be confused with a "Wigger" which is a white person trying to be black.
Degro, get your white ass off the couch!

People: Bill Evans, Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone, Adam Deitch, Horace Silver, Ryan Zoidis, Dominic Lalli, Bill Clinton, Avishai Cohen, Joe Zawinul,
by glucosemusic October 17, 2009

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Someone who laughs uncontrollably during climax
My roommates asked what my new girlfriend and I were laughing about in bed last night and I told them she’s just a dirty Clarissa

I met a new girl on tinder and she told me she’d prefer to have sex at my house because her neighbors have complained about her being a dirty Clarissa.
by glucosemusic May 20, 2019

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A Medicinal Cannabis plant that is growing buds that are so swollen they are falling over
Dude, that purple kush is getting so swole
by glucosemusic March 11, 2011

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