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The act of having sex with someone out of gratitude
He was as ugly as he was stupid. There was no way she'd be seen dead in public with him, let alone agree to the invitation she could see gradually forming in the gulf between his ears...

... but he had driven all the way from Barstow - so a little Thanky Panky wasn't entirely out of the question.
by glubdammit January 26, 2009

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A computer that you mostly only use for watching porn. Cookies, history and malware don't matter because it gets used for nothing legit. That awkward moment when you realize you spent 1200 bucks on a masturbation aid.
"Dude, why do you have two laptops?"

"The black one's a whackbook."
by glubdammit June 10, 2012

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Pron: J-eye-no-soar
From: vaGINa, dINOSAUR

Woman of advanced years engaged in sexual predation. Some authorities suggest a preference towards younger males a la Cougar while others point to a more general hunger for sexual validation from anyone whatsoever.
"Jesus, wtf were you talking to that ginosaur for? She's gotta be at least your mom's age and nowhere near as hot."

"Seriously, dude - I'd bang your mom."
by glubdammit January 29, 2009

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