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1. See Scientologist (enough said).

2. A name that the normal people in Clearwater, Florida call the idiots that belong to the Church of Scientology.

3. Members of the Scientology cult that are so stupid that they give up their money and believe all that they are told.
They live in cramped quarters, wear ridiculous pastel colored uniforms and have to ride around in 'church' owned buses because they aren't paid enough money to even afford a car.

1. Dude, look at all the Stupidologists on the corner. Make sure you plow through that water puddle in front of them!

2. He's so ignorant that he actually believes what he is told about Scientology. MUST be a Stupidologist.

3. "Hey, Martha! Look at all the Stupidologist's standing in the rain because the Church doesn't let them keep enough money to buy an umbrella".

4. John: I've been a Scientology member for 10 years now.
Bill: Do you own a car?
John: No. We have to ride in church busses.
Bill: Do you have your own home?
John: No. We have to live in old, converted motel rooms.
Bill: Do you get to do what you want on your own time?
John: No, we have to spend all our time bringing in new members for the church.
Bill: Do you decide how to spend your money?
John: We don't get money. The church has freed us of that incumbrance.
Bill: Man, you are definitely a Stupidologist.
by glayne October 25, 2007

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1. The CORRECT name for Scientology! Also see Stupidologist.

2. This is the CULT you believe in when you don't believe in God, and love giving all of your life savings to a bunch of freakin' crooks from Mars!
1. I used to live in Clearwater, Florida, but had to move when Stupidology came to town. What a bunch of freaks!

2. I still can't believe idiots like Tom, John & Priscilla actually follow Stupidology! Such a waste!
by glayne August 22, 2008

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