A city found in Florida, Pinellas County near St. Petersburg and Tampa. aka Wick City
Bob: What's "Wick City?'

Bill: Clearwater, Florida
by Infiltrate Dat Ass! June 28, 2010
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A Town in Kansas Full of hicks, stoners, and a bunch of wierd people that you wish you didnt know...
John:Hey look at those rednecks and goths.
Bill: They look like Fags.
John:I bet they are from Clearwater!
by Ollie Ollie Oxin Freed July 18, 2008
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The awesomest character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series. He is a minor character, but is brave, sweet, and generally better than the more often liked characters Jacob Black and Edward Cullen
Seth Clearwater saved the Cullens several times and did not receive credit.
by Gabby Clearwater October 6, 2008
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The son of Harry(deceased) and Sue Clearwater.brother of Leah Clearwater and second cousin of Emily Young. Seth is a sweet, caring and kind hearted Quilleute teen who unlike the rest of the pack including his sister Leah, is not against the Cullens' Olympic Coven (unless of course they start attacking humans). During the events of Eclipse, he works with Edward in an attempt to thwart Bella Swan's enemy Victoria from attacking her.For the battle, Edward reads Seth's mind to comunicate with him in his wolf form and grows to respect him. Seth is also known for idolizing Jacob Black.
Edward Cullen on Seth Clearwater: He has one of the kindest minds I've ever heard."
by lightningbreast April 5, 2010
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A minor character in the Twilight saga but has a good heart. Loved by Team Edward fans everywhere. The only werewolf that has his head on stright. Loves to be around vampires. And he does not use idiotic names for them. AKA bloodsuckers, leaches..... And i dont call him a dog like i do for that ugly crappy jacob "mutt" black.
by Team Edward since 1901 June 21, 2009
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Female character in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. She is the only female werewolf of the pack, and once dated the pack Alpha, Sam Uley, before he imprinted on her cousin Emily Young. When she and her younger brother, Seth, became werewolves, it caused their father Harry, to have a heart attack that he did not survive.

Since then, she is described as being short tempered and self absorbed, often thinking about herself before others. She often reminds the pack of things they would rather forget, and near the end of Eclipse, Leah heckled Jacob, telling him to get over Bella because she was tired of hearing about it.

Could be used to describe someone who scowls alot, or thinks of themselves before others.
Leah Clearwater is the only female werewolf.

Since he broke up with her, she has become such a Leah Clearwater.
by Michelle Leah February 6, 2008
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WiCK CiTY ,ill water, DiRTY H20 ,all that other good shit. 1/3 of the tampa bay metropolitan area. mostly known for being about an hour away from busch gardens(amusement park) and our AMAZiNG clearwater beach. you see kids roamin the streets here all the time,safe ass place to live .DOWNTOWN CLEARWATER *(AKA greenwood) is where all the dirty money hustlin takes placeeeee $ .most of the people here are latina or other illegal immigrant shittt .lots of drag racing taking place gandy BLVD (edge of tampa) .if you want a wholesome place to live,with strip joints on every corner COME TO WICK CITYYY .
dirty grubby latina: man i be rakin in big bucks down in clearwater florida

blackkk ass nigga: YEAH MAN,i feel you those bitches down in greenwood be thickk .

white boyyy:hell yea i might just get tan down in clearwater beach !
by iREPClEARWATER June 1, 2009
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