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an anti-insult is when you insult someone while saying that you won't insult them
person 1: "what's an anti-insult?"
person 2: "it's how I'm not going to call you stupid, even though you are"
by gingerwithasoul_ November 11, 2017
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an Auntie meme (or aunt meme for short) is a meme that looks as if it could've been shared by your Auntie (hence the name).
it's like a dad joke but with more Minions
person 1: look at this meme that I just found
person 2: bro, that's an auntie meme
by gingerwithasoul_ February 07, 2018
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a term describing someone who is verified on Twitter, giving them a blue checkmark, hence the name.
the term is a pejorative, predominantly used by right-wing people to describe left-wing journalists who tweet things that either are stupid or exactly what they expected from a person with the checkmark. usually both
the Blue Checkmarks are dishing out hot takes again
by gingerwithasoul_ July 04, 2018
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a meme term in the trans community used to mock trans people in denial (colloquially known as a 'egg')
Egg: "I think about wanting to go on HRT and be a girl/boy every day and I compulsively browse trans spaces. still cis tho"
by gingerwithasoul_ March 20, 2020
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Sithposting is a public Facebook group that posts Star Wars themed memes and shitposts (hence the name)
Person 1: have you seen that meme on Sithposting yet?
Person 2: yeah mate, it was eipc
by gingerwithasoul_ March 10, 2017
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