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when a guy gets a boner, and a girls vagina starts to get wet
i always make my man horny by stripping for him. i put on my best see through bra and lace g string. i start by bending over so that he can see my cleavage and straight through my bra. i slowly take off my shirt and throw it on him, and then i slid my pants off so that he can clearly see my booty. i then straddle him and unclipp my bra. and let my boobs fall onto nick's chest. i start humping him and then get up and let him take my panties off. after he sees my pussy we lay back in bed and i get ontop of him. he's boner is at the point where it is straight up in the air and i start to lay ontop of him. i start kissing his neck and lick his face. i kiss his chest and insert his penis into my vagina. i slowly pump and he starts to sweat. then i start pumping faster and he flips me over so that he is on top. nick smothers his face into my breasts, and i enjoy every single second of it. then he starts thrusting faster and faster. then the pleasure comes to me and i start to say faster nick, and by that time i start to have an orgasm and i force him to let me go on top. and while having my orgasm i go cowgirl on him and sure enough he has his orgasm. the night continues, but this story will end. but surely, the nigh t was amazing
by gimmethatdick August 21, 2011
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