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Your having sex and you really need to shit, but you dont wanna stop banging her, so u shit in ur hand and slap her in the face.
While haveing sex, Paul really needed to shit so he whiped out the shity hand grenade on the bitch.
by gilli-spree March 08, 2007
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if the spider man doesnt work("When a guy cums in his hand and then flings the cum like spidey shooting webs.")then the cum will get stuck in ur fingers and it make ur fingers all webbed then u slap the girl in the face.

the spider man didnt work on the bitch so i wiped out the frog slap and she didnt know what to do with herself
by gilli-spree September 26, 2007
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when u take ur balls and squeeze them together to make them look like a brain
i told the teacher too look around then i flashed her the brain
by gilli-spree September 26, 2007
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