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A bonus word and sound that appeared in the original Grand Theft Auto, when you ran over a line of Hare Krishnas, and managed to kill them all. Apparently comes up when you kill a certain number of people in quick succession, but only every witnessed during the Hare Krishna massacre.
Dude!! I just ran over all those Hare Krishnas and got a GOURANGA!
by gclarkey May 25, 2005

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Can mean almost anything, however most commonly used as an insult. Benson can be substituted for almost any word in any Benson.

Has an interesting habit of cropping up when you least expect it. Benson.

Use is encouraged. Spread the Benson.

Famous people fortunate enough to have Benson included in their name include childrens TV presenter, Dave Benson Philips, and American musician, Brendan Benson.
You are a complete Benson!

Shut up Benson.

What are you doing you Benson??

Jimothy you are the Daddy Benson.

Dexter you are a root. And a Benson.

Aright squire, give us 3 Guinness, 2 Stella, and a Magners.
What was that? 3 Bensons, 2 Bensons, and a Benson?
by gclarkey June 02, 2005

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