Ireland's favourite hard cider! Since the beginning in October of 1999, Magners Original Irish Cider has pepped up the market in Northern Ireland, with it now being the undoubted No. 1 in both packaged and draught cider.

Delicious apple cider with alcohol which goes down quicker and smoother than beer. Tastes better too!
"Magners Irish Cider, Time dedicated to you"

"Can I get a Magners on Ice, Mate?"
by Allie Sasha September 21, 2008
A fantastic cider, best poured over lots of ice. A great drink enjoyed by men and women alike, summer and winter. Sponsors of Magners League, London Wasps, Edinburgh Rugby and Edinburgh Fringe. Tag line "Time dedicated to you".
Man: Would you like a drink, darling?
Woman: Yes, please - a Magners with ice would be smashing!
by Warty October 16, 2006
wort, female dog, BITCH!, opinionated, whore, blonde bimbo, meanest thing alive. flamer , penis gobbler. calls people retarted. dislikes nice people.
Jane Doe, are you mentaly challanged, because i see you have forgotten your book today and my name is magner, the warty faced fat babie
by Cindy Vortex December 3, 2007
The adding of ice to Strongbow/Woodpecker cider
"What you drinking ?"

"I'll have a Poor Mans Magners"
by kopman9 July 19, 2009
To screw something up and seamlessly blame it on someone else saving your own skin.
"I'm not sure what happened to the typicals, they must have gotten Magnered."
by spunkmunster October 12, 2013