11 definitions by gavint

Sleep Over Party. To sleep at someone's house
1) Wow, there is a lot of booze here, I'm never going to get home.
2) Don't worry, you can just have an SOP.
by GavinT March 18, 2008
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To have to poop really bad. Turtle head or almost turtleing.
1) I have to go to the bathroom so bad! Man, this thing is half born!
2) Damn man, I didn't need to know that, go to the can!
by GavinT March 19, 2008
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When food passes through you very quickly; in and out.
1) Dude, lets get this taco bell to go...
2) Why? lets just eat it here...
1) No way man, taco bell is a total bank job.
by GavinT March 21, 2008
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the ultimate in an activity or sport.
Homerun, touchdown, goal, strike, bingo.

1) We are down 5-4, we need a couple of boomers to win this one!
by GavinT March 19, 2008
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