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The most amazing person you will ever meet. She is full with energy and can sometimes be a bit loud. She is easy to talk to and can make you laugh at any moment If u find a grace pariselli hold her tight cause u will regret letting her go.
Girl 1: Hey did you see that new girl
Girl 2: ya Isn’t her name grace pariselli
Girl 1: sry we can’t be friends anymore I want to go be friends with grace pariselli
by funnystuff October 23, 2019
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A girl that loves to lay.
She will have sex with anyone, she is always on time and never says no.
1-I am trying to get with that girl!
2-Well you can she is pretty easy
2-Yeah she is a Laylove!
by funnystuff March 26, 2009
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Reed is a sexy mother fucker he can get any girl he wants. They all like him but he doesn’t know it. He’s tall and hot af.
1: hi. What’s ur name
2: reed
1: I love you want to get married
by funnystuff December 17, 2019
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